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Some key themes recur throughout my artworks, such as contemporary anthropology, unnoticed interrelationships and concealed realities, the influence of media and technology on culture and society, defining the multidisciplinary nature of my practice. Although my artwork is often conceptual and appropriative gathering visuals from archives, old books, digital world, art and a variety of media to build my own imagery and perspective, it also entails a metaphysical conception of art.

In my practice, I am mainly interested in exploring the way the structures of power can be subtle, insidious and imperceptible, as well as brutal and invasive, ranging from historic colonizing dynamics and its legacy, technological control to dynamics acting at a personal level.

In trying to restore the complexity of the real, my artworks exploits multiple references resulting in images that find their meaning at the end of an engineered construction. Progressing by associations and deductions is my favored method in the production of paintings, videos, websites, installations and images. My artworks are often elaborated snapshots of an ongoing inquiry that includes theories, conjectures, re-interpreting signs about apparently unimportant realities, hidden interconnections and similarities between distant worlds and times.

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